Monday, December 2, 2013

I wanted to do a little shout out to my current corp. As I already posted in my last mail, I was missing Eve Online a lot while I was getting bored pretty fast playing other games.And while I was waiting for X-Rebirth I re-subbed for Eve Online, not really knowing what road I was going to take. Without having any plans, I got into contact with an old corp from Providence who were my neighbors when I was in the Of SoundMind alliance. This corp was RECLT Reclamations Technology and it was just being sold as the main CEO was leaving the game or going on another venture. The new Ceo, Etienne Saissore was coming from a role-play background and decided to change RECLT in an industry and trading role-play corp supporting the Gallente and Minmatar society's. I've always been very much interested in the lore part of Eve so it felt like a fresh start to join this "new" corp. We started out with two members, and through contacts in the roleplaying community new members joined pretty soon after. At first I felt a bit reluctant about living back in HighSec as the opportunities to make isk were a lot less than null. But I did not have the amount of free time I used to have to put in the game, so it is a better place to play Eve more casually. Also the fact that everyone in the corp is very friendly and the fact that the RP aspect isn't enforced upon you makes this corp a nice group to join as a new player interested in the backstory without being crushed by huge walls of text. And when I'm on I'm happy to help anyone out with questions or tips. So to all you new players out there still looking for a nice group contact us through the in game recruiting channels!

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